All books listed by age suitability

This list shows Robert Westall's books listed by age suitability. Listing books in this way is a problematic exercise and the following list is only intended as a rough guide. Click on a title to see the synopsis. You will need to click on the 'back' button on your browser to return to this page.

5-8 years (Picture books)

David and the Kittens (in print)
The Witness

8-11 years

Blitz (in print)
Christmas Spirit (in print)
Size Twelve (in print)
Old Man on a Horse
The Creature in the Dark

9-12 years

If Cats Could Fly
The Night Mare


A Time of Fire (in print)
Spinetinglers (in print)
The Machine Gunners (in print)


Fathom Five
The Wind Eye (in print)
The Kingdom by the Sea (in print)
The Watch House
The Cats of Seroster
The Haunting of Chas McGill
Yaxley's Cat


Blitzcat (in print)
Break of Dark (in print)
Ghost Abbey
Urn Burial


Futuretrack Five (in print)
The Scarecrows (in print)

Young Adult

A Place for Me
Falling into Glory
Love Match
The Devil on the Road
The Promise
The Stones of Muncaster Cathedral
The Wheatstone Pond

All ages from 12 upwards

Cats' Whispers and Tales (anthology)
Children of the Blitz
A Walk on the Wild Side (short stories)
Echoes of War (short stories)
Ghosts and Journeys (short stories)
Rachel and the Angel (short stories)
The Call and other stories
The Fearful Lovers (short stories)
Voices in the Wind (short stories)
The Best of Westall:
- Demons and Shadows (short stories)
- Shades of Darkness (short stories)
The Making of Me (memoir, in print)


Antique Dust